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Poshmark 9 Brown Loafers Size Clarks Bendables Ladies

Billionaire Warren Buffett has decided that he finally wants to have a baptismal ceremony of his own, and he’s determined to only invite his most-sophisticated-smelling friends. Are you smelling like an incredibly luxurious rich person who is good enough to attend Mr. Buffett’s adult baptism, or do you smell like a

Everyone wants to give their brother the full-length funeral he deserves, but sometimes there’s just not a lot to say about him, and you need to cheat a little bit to make the funeral a bit longer. So how many of these ways have you padded out the running time of your brother’s funeral? Take this quiz to find out!Size 9 Bendables Loafers Poshmark Ladies Brown Clarks

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Hollywood’s always on the hunt for flamingos that are so sick that their story will entertain audiences around the world. Is yours sick enough to be the subject of the next blockbuster? Be sure to answer honestly.

When you send out your newsletter about hypnotizing horses to your hundreds of subscribers, you always need a snappy closing line to wrap up your thoughts on hypnotizing horses and leave your readers wanting more. How many of these sentences have you used to end your weekly email newsletter about horse hypnosis? Take

You and your neighbor get along just fine, but his kids are regular-size, and that’s got to change. How many of these ways have you subtly tried to let your neighbor know he should consider really shrinking his kids down until they’re the size of ants?

It’s no secret that a religious wizard crawled into my puppet laboratory and brought my marionettes to life using a magic spell. Now my enchanted marionettes are alive, and they all love North Korea and America the same amount. It’s wonderful to have enchanted marionettes in my house. It’s a lot like having children,

Gandalf The Grey is a powerful wizard of many great feats, but he has not yet risen to the responsibilities of fatherhood as legally specified by the state of Florida. He’s known as a powerful and righteous sorcerer in lands afar. However, in the Miami-Dade area, Gandalf is simply viewed as a deadbeat dad who refuses

I sell samurai swords to a couple kids in my neighborhood every now and then. There’s Cronley, Ben, my neighbor’s incredibly rude daughter, and a 12-year-old boy who wears one black garbage bag over his head and only goes by the name The Shadow. Which one of the kids who I sell samurai swords to are you? Take this

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Santa might be experiencing some serious problems with his prostate, but he’s not going to tell you about it if you’re not a very trustworthy person. Can Santa trust you with some bad news about his prostate? Take this quiz to find out!

Wilson Rawls’ beloved classic about a boy named Billy and his courageous coonhounds has been required reading for schools across the nation since the mid-’60s. But how well do you really remember the plot to ‘Where The Red Fern Grows’? Take this quiz and find out!

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